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Venice Piano Competition - XXXIV edition 22th to 28th October 2017

The National Piano Competition “Premio Venezia”, now at the XXXIV edition, has consolidated its leading role among the opportunities offered to young artists who wish to undertake the difficult career as a pianist, mostly thanks to the innovative formula devised by the Foundation “Friends of Fenice”, that addresses the Competition exclusively to the best graduates at national level, thus favoring those young people who are taking the first steps of their concert career.

The reputation and the great success of this event are upheld by the high quality level of execution, the competence of the examination boards but above all by the outstanding participation of the public, not only during the final evenings, but also during the semifinals and selections. Such an initiative has already become part of the musical traditions of our city.

The “Premio Venezia” inevitably leads us to reflect, especially in this period so difficult for the Italian culture, upon the importance of investing in the musical education of young people and more generally on the cultural growth of the new generations. It is also through the quality, discipline and hard work of these new pianists that our country can keep its place of primary importance on the international cultural scene. Moreover, we should not overlook the great effort made by the Foundation “Friends of Fenice”, which in recent years promoted and supported the “Premio Venezia” and particularly Mrs. Barbara Valmarana as Foundation President, whose tenacity and commitment ensured the involvement in this experience of an increasing number of donors that for all these years, have bestowed awards and scholarships, allowing winners to achieve improvements and specializations.

We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to Institutions: the Veneto Region for its invaluable contribution, the Venice City Council, the Presidency of the Republic and the Italian Senate that sponsored the initiative since the first editions.

Cristiano Chiarot
La FeniceOpera House Superintendent