Fenice Opera House and Venice - Teatro La Fenice


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Fenice Opera House and Venice

The Fenice Opera House was founded in 1792, and it was inaugureted on 16th of May, in the day of Ascension Festivity (Fèsta de la Sènsa) in which was celebrate the Marrige of Venice with the sea.

The Opera House, since its birth tells us the history of Venice.

The two faces of the beauty

Designed in 1789, inaugurated on the 16th of May 1792, nowadays La Fenice is the Theatre of Venice. La Fenice has resuscitated twice from the ashes. La Fenice is Venice and reflects its history and embodies its myth. Water and light, fire and air are the elements that indissolubly constitute his Majesty. La Fenice is ​​consecrated to Apollo and in the Theatre’s blue sky the Hours dance in the middle of a grove, where the audience sits in the stalls.

San Marco’s Lion, also illuminated by Apollo on the Royal Box, is Venice itself, unique and uncontested beauty in its sea of ​​enchantment.


«There is also another sacred bird called the phoenix, which I did not myself see except in painting, for in truth he comes to the Egyptians very rarely, at intervals, as the people of Heliopolis say, of five hundred years. They say that he comes regularly when his father dies; and if he be like the painting, he is of this size and nature, that is to say, some of his feathers are of gold color and others red, and in outline and size he is as nearly as possible like an eagle. This bird, they say (but I cannot believe the story), contrives as follows. Setting forth from Arabia he conveys his father, they say, to the temple of the Sun plastered up in myrrh, and buries him in the temple of the Sun.» [Herodotus, Histories]

La Fenice was a fabulous sacred bird in various myths . In fact it is described like a golden eagle. It had the plumage with splendid color, its neck has golden, its feathers were red and its tail was blue with pink feathers, its wings were on one side gold and on the other side purple. It also had a long tapered beak, long paws, two long feathers – one rose and one blue – which slide softly down from the head and three long feathers hanging from the feathered tail – one rosy, one light blue and one bright red-.

Fenice’s motto is: Post fata resurgo (After my death I rise once again)