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Download La Fenice APP

The app will help you discover one of the most famous opera houses in the world: La Fenice.

Download La Fenice APP

Discover the history, the titbits and  details regarding this theatre.



The App can be downloaded free and enables you to move around the various areas of the theatre

from the foyer to the Apollonian rooms, passing from the stalls to the royal box. Two itineraries are available to accompany visitors on their discovery of the Opera House, one for adults and one for children which has a simpler, more accessible language.

APP Audiotour

– a tour for adults with 16 listening points, for a total of over 35 min. of audio
– a tour for children with 15 listening points, for a total of over 30 min. of audio.
– the ‘wishlist’ function for creating a personalised itinerary, selecting the points which interest you
– the ‘keyboard’ mode for accessing the clips via the listening point number
– access to contents in offline mode, so as not to use up internet traffic, or in streaming, so as not to take up space on your phone
– the function “phototaking” to make your photos and share them in the social networks


The app is available in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian, both for iOS and Android devices