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Daniel García has become one of the most exciting and influential voices of the new generation of Spanish jazz. His last trio album is “Vía de la Plata”, recorded for prestigious German label ACT, with the collaboration of big names of jazz and flamenco like Ibrahim Maalouf, Anat Cohen or Gerardo Núñez. The trio is completed by two of the most creative and forward thinking musicians is Spanish jazz scene, the cubans Reinier “El Negrón” and Michael Olivera. In this album, the trio reaches a rare to find maturity in compositional and creative matters, appearing as one of the most solid and bright-future-like trios in European Jazz. Daniel García digs deep into the music of his homeland, and combines it with contemporary jazz, but not only. Classical, contemporary, electronic music and rock are among other influences in Daniel ́s music, confirming he is a twenty-first century musician with a highly personal and recognizable discourse. The resulting music is highly expressive, with a one of a kind stamp on it, in which rhythmic intensity allies with deep melodic lyricism and refined harmony in an equally poetic and defying music.

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