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Ludus Minor
Works by Miani, Montalbetti, Zoccatelli, Hindemith, Ambrosini, Bellon, Bacri, Connesson
Sun 24.10.2021
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Ludus Minor

Ludus Minor is a programme that arose from the need to make music together and experiment with an essential but very interesting ensemble: clarinet/bass clarinet and cello. Over time we have selected a vast repertoire expanding the unexplored potential of this unusual formation, made up of original works and specially written for us.


Renato Miani (1965)
Fantasia super Veni Sancte Spiritus (2016)


Mauro Montalbetti (1969)
Madrigali onirici*


Virginio Zoccatelli (1969)
Sentieri d’Oriente (2014)


Paul Hindemith (1895-1963)
Ludus Minor (1944)


Claudio Ambrosini (1948)
Grande Fratello (Big brother) (2017)


Stefano Bellon (1956)
Kintsugi Forced


Nicolas Bacri (1961)
Night music op. 73 (2001)


Guillaume Connesson (1970)
Disco-Toccata (1994)


Daniele Teodoro clarinet
Carlo Teodoro cello

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