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Opter Ensemble

Works by Richard Strauss, Ligeti e Brahms
La Fenice Opera House

Opter Ensemble

Why Opter Ensemble? Many people try to find anagrams of our names, acronyms or other things in the word Opter, but the name derives very simply from the name very ancient origins, whose paleovenetian toponym was Obterg and which in the Roman era became Opitergium, and since our formation is a trio born around the op. 40 by Johannes Brahms here is how we arrived with a small play on words at Opter, including a word that contains our land (Oderzo), our number (“ter”) and our musical beginning (“op.” 40 by Brahms) . We also thought that it is more correct to consider a whole, because our staff can observe a second of the occasions, limiting itself to the duo horn and piano or violin and piano, or immerse themselves in larger groups


Richard Strauss

Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche op. 28


György Ligeti

Horn Trio Hommàge a Brahms


Johannes Brahms

Trio op. 40


Guglielmo Pellarin horn
Francesco Lovato violin
Federico Lovato piano

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