La Fenice Orchestra - Teatro La Fenice


La Fenice Orchestra
music by Strauss (R.) e Mozart
Thu 16.07.2020
La Fenice Opera House
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Teatro La Fenice

Concert of  La Fenice Orchestra

La Fenice Orchestra performs two great classics from the repertoire: the Serenata in E flat major op. 7 by Richard Strauss and Serenade n. 10 in B flat major KV 361 Gran Partita by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Richard Strauss Serenata in mi bemolle maggiore op. 7
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Serenata n.10 in si bemolle maggiore K 361 Gran Partita


La Fenice Orchestra


Fabrizio Mazzacua, Luca Clementi flutes
Rossana Calvi, Angela Cavallo, Valter de Franceschi oboes
Vincenzo Paci, Claudio Tassinari clarinets
Simone Simonelli, Federico Ranzato basset horns
Marco Giani, Riccardo Papa bassoons
Konstantin Becker, Stefano Fabris, Loris Antiga, Giovanni Catania horns
Stefano Pratissoli contrabass

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