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Rethinking childhood

Music by Ferruccio Busoni, György Kurtág, Giovanni Mancuso, Nino Rota, Alessandro Solbiati
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Sale Apollinee
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Ex Novo Ensemble

Daniele Ruggieri flute
Davide Teodoro clarinet
Carlo Lazari violin and viola
Carlo Teodoro cello
Aldo Orvieto piano

Jean-Jacques Rousseau famous for his interest in child education, imposes on adults respect for the spontaneous nature, untouchable and capable of constructing the best of ways of living in that “completeness of instincts” that preserve the true nature of man; nature that the progress of society has concealed and contaminated. Famous is the metaphor of the fence that the educator must draw around the child to prevent anyone from entering trying to impose behaviors to imitate such as the repetition of social forms considered necessary for education.
In the history of music there have been many composers who have referred to the purity of the child’s world, in many different declinations. In this evening’s program alone we find at least three such modes. In Kurtág’s pieces (a small collection of the vast production from the composer) we look at the discovery of playing, as a game – without neglecting its powerful physicality; a game aimed at the most intimate value of research and discovery. Unveiling therefore of new sounds, but also focusing of emotions, strengthening of sensitivity. These are strongly gestural pieces almost an invitation of the composer to reflect himself in the nature of the child who, while singing and dancing, suggests to us the world of his desires.


Giovanni Mancuso (1970)
“Osszce Russzce Sszcey” osservariazioni su un tema di Pietro (2022)
for flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano and audio file
Ex Novo Musica Commission


Nino Rota (1911-1979)
Cinque Pezzi facili (1972) for flute and piano
La passeggiata di Puccettino Serenata – Pavana – La chioccia – Il soldatino


György Kurtág (1926)
Signs Games &Messages:
Nèpdalfèle (im Volkston) (1994/98) for cello
The Little Squall (1981) for piano
Doloroso (1992) for flute
…féerie d’automne…(2004) for violin
In the language of birds (1997) for flute
Hommage John Cage (Faltering words) (1987/91) for violin
Fanfares (1984) for piano
Pilinszky János: Gèrard de Nerval (1984/7) for cello
The Carenza Jig (1989/1997) for violin
“In nomine – all’ongharese” (2001) for clarinet
An apocryphal hymn (in the style of Alfred Schnittke)(1985) for piano
Perpetuum mobile for violin


Ferruccio Busoni (1866-1924)
Bagatellen op. 28 BV. 299 (1888) for violin and piano
Aus der Zopfzeit – Kleiner Mohrentanz – Wiener Tanzweise Kosakenritt – Nach einem russischen Volkslieder


Alessandro Solbiati (1956)
Corde e Martelletti Suite (2022)
for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Ex Novo Musica Commission

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