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Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur in venice at Malibran Theater
Malibran Theatre
Malibran Theatre
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Rupi Kaur, the Canadian instapoet, will perform at the Teatro Malibran in Venice on Oct. 23 for the only Italian date of her World Tour.
With her engaging energy, Rupi will tell her story between unreleased songs, poems from her latest book “Home body” and the greatest hits from iconic works and best sellers such as “Milk and honey” and “The sun and her flowers“.


A unique show that combines poetry, music and video and unleashes an amazing creative force. With her full and powerful voice, she leads the audience on a journey through personal loss and love, growth, mental balance, and friendship.
Rupi fills hearts and fascinates with her stories veined with original and unpredictable humor, giving her audience strength and awareness of the future.

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