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Venezia in Danza: Vivaldiana

Malibran Theatre
Malibran Theatre
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Spellbound Contemporary Ballet

Choreographed by Mauro Astolfi
Music by Antonio Vivaldi

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At the heart of VIVALDIANA, the new Spellbound show, is the idea of working on a partial reworking of the Vivaldi universe by integrating it with some characteristics of his outside-the-box rebel personality. The choreographer Mauro Astolfi started from this suggestion to translate some of Vivaldi’s creations into movement and tell of his talent and ability to reinvent Baroque music in his time.
A musician immersed in a context dominated by rationality, Vivaldi stood out for his full awareness of going beyond the limits of his time and his carelessness in moving against the tide: this is his genius. Hence Astolfi’s idea of reworking his musical architecture trying to restore characteristics of uniqueness to his work, those works that provide an unsurpassed source of inspiration to give shape to a research in dance that harmoniously combines the artistic aspects with human declinations more  histrionic and sometimes crazy than the “red priest”, the first musician to compose with the specific intention of stimulating the taste of the public and not of indulging it.

An international co-production between Spellbound, Les Theatres de la Ville de Luxembourg, Orchester de Chambre de Luxembourg / with the contribution of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities  and Tourism / in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Luxembourg and Cult!ur Partner, c/o Norddeutsche Konzertdirektion Melsine Grevesmühl GmbH


lasting about 60 min.


Choreographed by Mauro Astolfi
Cast Maria Cossu, Mario Laterza, Giuliana Mele, Lorenzo Beneventano, Roberto Pontieri, Miriam Raffone, Anita Bonavida, Alessandro Piergentili, Mateo Mirdita
Music Antonio Vivaldi
Light design & Set Concept Marco Policastro
Costumes Melanie Planchard
Choreography assistant Alessandra Chirulli

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