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La Fenice & Friends for Italy

Teatro La Fenice Venice, together with Damiano Michieletto, are promoting the fund-raising initiative La Fenice & Friends for Italy, created by the Venetian Opera House with the aim of expressing their solidarity during this difficult period of the Covid-19 health crisis whilst also raising funds for the national Civil Protection through the platform GoFundMe.

Starting from 30 March, at 6 p.m., Teatro La Fenice’s Instagram profile will host the live broadcasts of the famous Veneto director talking to different artists, connected in turn to their own Instagram profiles. The pianist Igor Levit will be the first of a series of dates, followed by numerous other artists from all over the world. To name but a few, those who have agreed to participate in this solidarity challenge are the Oscar winning pair, Joel Coen and Frances McDormand, the cellist Mario Brunello, the percussionist Simone Rubino, the sopranos Lisette Oropesa and Carmela Remigo, the baritone Luca Salsi and the organist Cameron Carpenter.

Damiano Michieletto’s interviews will last around fifteen minutes and will include short performances, such as a musical passage or a book reading. Once the live broadcast has finished, the video will be made available on La Fenice’s Facebook page. La Fenice would therefore like to invite all its followers to watch the live broadcasts and share them on the social networks to reach as wide an audience as possible and make a crowdfunding platform donation for the civil protection.