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A tribute to Bruno Maderna

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A tribute to Bruno Maderna

Bruno Maderna, a Venetian, cultured and very important composer and conductor, unfortunately died early, will leave an indelible groove in the music of the twentieth century while retaining that light trait in every note of his work, probably inherited from childhood when his father Umberto Grossato, musician of entertainment, transmits the first musical rudiments to him. In fact, at the age of seven he performed as a violinist and conductor. In 1940 he graduated in composition in Santa Cecilia and in those same years he began frequenting Malipiero, then director of the Venice Conservatory, from whom he inherited his interest in ancient music and Renaissance polyphony.


Bruno Maderna (1920-1973)

Quartet (1943/45)


Divertimento in 2 tempi (1953)
for flute and piano


Pièce pour Ivry (1971)
for violin solo


Musica su due dimensioni (1957)
for flute and magnetic tape


Quartetto per archi in due tempi (1955)


Serenata per un satellite (1969)
Claudio Ambrosini version


Claudio Ambrosini Conductor


Daniele Ruggieri flute
Aldo Orvieto piano
Carlo Lazari violin
Annamaria Pellegrino violin
Paola Carraro viola
Carlo Teodoro cello

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