Daniele Di Bonaventura & Giovanni Ceccarelli "Mare Calmo" - Teatro La Fenice


Daniele Di Bonaventura & Giovanni Ceccarelli "Mare Calmo"

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Sale Apollinee
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Daniele di Bonaventura and Giovanni Ceccarelli play together for the first time on the occasion of this joint project. Theirs is a meeting suggested by the mutual desire to give voice to this unprecedented duo: Bandoneón and Pianoforte. Both pianists by training, the two musicians are united by more than one affinity on an artistic level: prolific composers, they particularly love reduced instrumental ensembles, which allow them to express the most subtle nuances and to skilfully use space and silence for expressive purposes . The dialogue between the two instruments is woven by playing on their respective and multiple expressive possibilities – singing, percussion, counterpoint, chorality, pure sound: the Bandoneón and the Piano merge and juxtapose, interacting along a thin thread, in balance between writing and improvisation.


Daniele Di Bonaventura bandoneón
Giovanni Ceccarelli piano

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