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Engelberta (CANCELLED)
Tomaso Albinoni
from Thu 26.03.2020 to Sat 28.03.2020
Malibran Theatre
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All performances are cancelled until Friday 3 April due to the spread of the coronavirus according to the official provisions of the Italian Prime Minister.
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Tomaso Albinoni, a prolific composer of concertos, also wrote some fifty full-scale operas, but only Zenobia and Statira are extant in complete form. Engelberta, on a libretto by the ‘reform’ poets Apostolo Zeno and Pietro Pariati, premiered at Venice’s Teatro San Cassiano during the Carnival season of 1709. According to recent research, Act IV and V might (or not) have been composed by Francesco Gasparini, who – however – took official credit for the whole score. The plot revolves around the figure of Engelberga, wife of the Carolingian emperor Ludwig II, here depicted as an unpretentious and gullible woman. Although this hardly matches the historical reality, it gives occasion to several arias in a tender, lyrical vein before her innocence triumphs in the end.


Conductor Francesco Erle
Director Francesco Bellotto
Sets Alessia Colosso
Costumes Carlos Tieppo



Baroque Orchestra Conservatorio
Benedetto Marcello di Venezia


First representation in modern times


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