Farnace (CANCELLED) - Teatro La Fenice


Antonio Vivaldi
from Thu 30.04.2020 to Sat 09.05.2020
Malibran Theatre
Malibran Theatre



This is one of the most frequently composed operatic plots of the Baroque. It tells the story of Pharnaces II, king of Pontus, who was defeated by the Roman general Pompey in the Fourth Mithridatic War. As expected, factual accuracy plays a scanty role, since the character and fate of Pharnaces are quite different from those recorded in history books. The 18th-century poet Antonio Maria Lucchini crafted a libretto that was set, among others, by Antonio Vivaldi under the title Farnace, premiered at Venice’s Teatro Sant’Angelo in February 1727. Judging by its six/seven revivals, which traveled as far as Prague, it apparently counts as Vivaldi’s top operatic success in his lifetime. Love and hate, chivalry and barbaric pride: the road is paved for the unavoidable happy end.

Dinner buffet at the end of the Opera
Thursday, April 17 at 7
Ticket 100€ (excluded Opera-ticket)
Write us info@festfenice.com
or call us to reserve it +39 041 786672/ 673


Conductor Diego Fasolis
Director Christophe Gayral
Sets Rudy Sabounghi
Costumes Elena Cicorella
Light designer Peter Van Praet


Farnace Carlo Vistoli
Berenice Lucia Cirillo
Tamiri Sonia Prina
Selinda Rosa Bove
Pompeo Giuseppe Valentino Buzza
Gilade Raffaele Pe
Aquilio David Ferri Durà


Orchestra e Coro del Teatro La Fenice
Chorus Master Claudio Marino Moretti

Piccoli Cantori Veneziani

Chorus Master Diana D’Alessio


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