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Fantasmagorie. Vita, morte e miracoli di Pulcinella
from Sun 16.02.2020 to Tue 25.02.2020
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Fantasmagorie. Vita, morte e miracoli di Pulcinella

inspired by Giandomenico Tiepolo’s works

Venice at the end of the eighteenth century. The renowned, elderly painter Giandomenico Tiepolo is wandering around the city disguised as a ragamuffin theatre director, offering people his most incredible creation: phantasmagoria, a performance of images with his new paintings that are turned to life thanks to optical contraptions, music and Commedia dell’Arte actors. They bring to life the fairy tale, bizarre life of Pulcinella, the Neapolitan puppet character, narrated through his countless, tragic-comic deaths: how many times does Pulcinella have to die if he is to carry on living?


Direction Michele Modesto Casarin
Dramaturgy Marco Gnaccolini 
Composer Alberto Maron
Conductor Alberto Maron
Sets & Costumes Licia Lucchese



Susi Danesin

Claudio Colombo

Michele Modesto Casarin


soprano Giuseppina Perna
soprano Ilenia Tosatto


Ensemble Harmonia Prattica
Tailoring Sartoria Dietro le Quinte
Masks Brat Teatro

La Fenice production
with Pantakin Commedia, Woodstock Teatro

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