Io Maria, Lei Callas - Teatro La Fenice


Io Maria, Lei Callas

Compagnia Tocnadanza Venezia
Malibran Theatre

VeneziainDanza 2021
XIII edition
Artistic director: Michela Barasciutti

A myth that contains two personalities aware of each other, living in the same woman, in the same body, in the same soul; “There are two people in me: I would like to be Maria, but I have to live up to Callas’ expectations”. *

One personality troubled by life, childhood, maturity and loves, the other lived in a dimension of art that leads her to be unique in her voice and in the interpretation of the characters, creating an unattainable myth because it is unique. Humanity and Art, Maria and Callas.
A “Tacer cantando” where Maria is sucked into the bowels of her torment and where Callas frees what she really is, transforming her song into freedom.
Maria is La Callas, as she jokingly defined herself in an interview: “… because Callas was once Maria”. *

“I want to thank all the public who have been close to me in difficult moments, and not only in glory. They wrote to me, they adored me, they understood me. In general they loved me. Also for this I am very grateful, I feel nothing but gratitude for the world. That’s all”.*

* excerpts from interviews with Maria Callas.


Compagnia Tocnadanza Venezia
Io Maria, Lei Callas

Choreographer and director

Michela Barasciutti



Sara Cavalieri, Roberta De Rosa, Mirko Paparusso, Marco Mantovani, Erika Melli, Giulio Petrucci


Music research and processing:

Stefano Costantini



Mozart, Bach, Bellini, Verdi, Puccini, Kodaly e altri


Assistant to the choreography:

Giulio Petrucci


Sets Costumes and Light:

Michela Barasciutti


Costumes realization:

Lorenza Savoini


Lights realization:

Costantino Pederoda / Marciano Rizzo

World premiere

Centenary of his birth (New York – 2 December 1923)
70th anniversary of the debut at La Scala in Milan
30th anniversary of the Tocnadanza Company
80th anniversary of the Camerata Musicale Barese

A Tocnadanza and Camerata Musicale Barese production with:
Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, Veneto Region, Arco Danza and VeneziainDanza Festival

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