Isolation - Teatro La Fenice



in memory of Dmitri Smirnov
Sale Apollinee

Ex Novo Ensemble

Daniele Ruggieri flute
Davide Teodoro clarinet
Carlo Lazari violin
Annamaria Pellegrino violino
Paola Carraro viola
Carlo Teodoro cello
Aldo Orvieto piano

The program looks into different kinds of Isolation, in the always winding and complex interaction between an artist and his time. We can see Hindemith’s and Stravinskij’s works as the result of the banishment or auto seclusion imposed by the dictatorships in their times, while Scelsi’s and Pärt’s works ask for a listening based on the intimate nature of sounds, opposing to the prevailing aesthetic of the second half of the XXth century. The Premieres by Firsova and Ambrosini were coinceved in the completely new form of Isolation we have experienced in the last three years due to the pandemics.


Paul Hindemith (1895-1963)
Quartetto (1938)
for clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Mäßig bewegt – Sehr langsam – Mäßig bewegt/Lebhaft/Ruhig – bewegt/Sehr lebhaft


Igor Stravinskij (1872-1971)
Elegia (1944) for violin


Giacinto Scelsi (1905-1988)
Pwyll (1954) for flute


Arvo Pärt (1935)
Mozart-Adagio (1992/2017)
for clarinet, cello and piano


Claudio Ambrosini (1948)
Four Haiku for piano (2021/2022)
– Anche di notte profuma il gelsomino
– Spring Photos Bring Cheer in Winter
– Veglia, nella conchiglia, la perla
– Ogni suono ha un gemello inudibile
Ex Novo Musica Commission


Elena Firsova (1950)
Threnody op. 193 (2022)
for flute, clarinet, string quartet and piano*
Ex Novo Musica Commission

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