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La pifaresca

La Pifarescha was originally conceived as an alta cappella ensemble, a configuration of wind and percussion instruments that was immensely popular throughout medieval and renaissance Europe.
This type of group enjoyed such widespread popularity for its unique ability to function both on its own and in supporting roles with other instrumental ensembles, vocal ensembles, and dance companies.
La Pifarescha incorporates a fascinating and diverse selection of instruments. Shawms, sackbuts, cornetts, trumpets, bagpipes, dulcians, flutes, fiddles, lutes, viols, percussion, and many others, join together to alternate the sounds of “alta” with the “bassa cappella”, offering a highly variable sonority unique to this group.
Thus, La Pifarescha traces the evolution from the alta cappella to the noble consort of cornetts and sackbuts, which appeared on the scene during the renaissance and flourished in the early baroque, often expanding its ranks to include keyboards, strings, and voices.
Regularly present in prestigious festivals throughout Europe, La Pifarescha has recorded for CPO, Classic Voice, Dynamic and Arts.


Anonimo XV sec – Nota Cantionis de illo digno viro Capistrano
Anonimo XV sec – Hic het
Moritz von Hessen (1572 – 1632) – Pavana del povero soldato
Francesco Bendusi ( ? – 1553) – E dove vas tu o bon soldà
Johannes Martini (1440ca.-1498ca.) – Canti zoiosi (J’ai pris amours)
Antonio Caprioli (1425 – 1475) – E d’un bel matin d’amore
Kodex Cajoni – Hungaricus
Paolino d’Aquileia (740-802) – Versus de Herico duce
Kodex Cajoni – Ballo Ongaro
Pierre Phalèse (1510 – 1575) – Pavane et Gagliarde de la Guerre
Josquin Desprez (ca. 1450 – 1521) – Chanson “Mille regretz”
Tielman Susato (1510 – 1570) – Pavane “Mille regretz”
M. von Hessen (1572 – ?) – Pastorella
Anonimo XV sec – Amoroso
Pierre Attaignant (1494 – 1551) – Basse dance et tourdion
Anonimi XV sec. – Chwala, Hez Molinet, Chwala
Ludwig Senfl (1486 – 1583) – Im Maien, im Maien

Stefano Vezzani  bombarde, flauti, flauto e tamburo, cornamuse
Marco Ferrari  bombarde, flauti, kaval, cornamuse
Mauro Morini  tromboni, tromba diritta, tromba da tirarsi
David Yacus  tromboni, tromba diritta, tromba da tirarsi
Fabio Tricomi  percussioni, flauto e tamburo, viella

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