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Luca Ciarla solOrkestra

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Luca Ciarla solOrkestra

Violin alchemist Luca Ciarla creates his music with a loop pedal, his voice and various toy instruments. He performs the entire score of his orchestra solo and rigorously live, also playing the violin like a guitar, a cello or percussion. In this imaginative musical world Luca sings, whistles, plays other instruments and adds new improvisations; the music continually evolves, transforming itself into a fascinating solOrkestra. The program includes original compositions imbued with Mediterranean atmospheres, with a minimalist flavour, and unusual arrangements of the Italian popular tradition.

Full price: 22,00€ + presale rights
Reduced price: 17,00€ + presale rights (Residents Metropolitan City of Venice, under 26, over 65)


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Tel. +39 336 2700299

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