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La statira
Tomaso Albinoni
Sat 09.03.2019
La Fenice Opera House
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La Fenice Opera House

La Statira is a dramma per musica in three acts by Apostolo Zeno and Pietro Pariati with music composed by the Venetian Tomaso Albinoni. It was performed for the first time at the Teatro Capranica in Rome (Carnival 1726) and then performed several times in the first half of the eighteenth century. The Teatro La Fenice has prepared with Franco Rossi a new transcription. The title will staged at Malibran Theater for the first time in modern times.

The plot tells of the conflict between the two princesses Statira and Barsina for the succession to the throne of Persia after the death of King Artaserse. The country is disrupted by the war: suddenly the enemy Oronte, leader of the Scita army, breaks the defenses of the Persians. It will be up to this new conqueror, in agreement with the persian senate, to decide which contender will have the crown. The dangerous stalemate generates intrigue, love deception, court feuds, corruption and attempts at murder. The revelations from a foreign prince will untie every knot, leading Persia to a new political order under the sign of Reason and Loyalty.



Conductor: Francesco Erle

Director : Francesco Bellotto

Sets: Alessia Colosso

Costume: Carlos Tieppo

Lighting: Fabio Barettin


Statira: Lidia Fridman

Barsina: Ligia Ishitani

Oronte: Xi Tianhong

Arsace: Michele De Coelho

Oribasio: Bao Jie

Dario: Yi Hao Duan

Idaspe: Andrea Gavagnin

Orchestra Barocca del Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello di Venezia

Progetto Opera Giovani

Fondazione Teatro La Fenice production

in collaboration with Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello di Venezia


1 hour e 50 minutes

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