La serva padrona (Opera Giovani) - Teatro La Fenice


La serva padrona (Opera Giovani)
Giovan Battista Pergolesi
from Thu 13.02.2020 to Sat 15.02.2020
Malibran Theatre
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La serva padrona


La serva padrona (The Servant Turned Mistress) premiered in 1733 at Naples’ Teatro di San Bartolomeo as a pair of intermezzos between the acts of a grand serious opera: Il prigionier superbo by the same Pergolesi. The tiny plot employs two time-honoured comic characters. The wealthy Uberto (bass) is an old bachelor who lives alone with his perky maid Serpina (Little Snake, soprano) and the servant Vespone, a mute. After a row of intrigues and hefty arguments conveyed by five arias and two duets, Uberto finally agrees to marry Serpina. Building on similar precedents by Albinoni and Hasse, Pergolesi and his librettist Gennarantonio Federico created a small-scale masterpiece, an evergreen that stormed opera theatres worldwide up to the present day.


First violin leader Enrico Parizzi
Director Francesco Bellotto
Sets Massimo Checchetto
Costumes Carlos Tieppo
Lighting Fabio Barettin



Lika Bi

Raffaella Polino (14/2)

Uberto Stepan Polishchuk
Vespone Marco Ferraro

Berti Marlon Zighi Orbi
Leandro Lahire Tortora

La Simona Simona Gatto

Lou Ping Bai Jin


Baroque Orchestra of the Venitian Conservatory Benetto Marcello
Harpsichord Mizuho Furukubo

La Fenice new production

The performance lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes without interval

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