Pinocchio (CANCELLED) - Teatro La Fenice


Pinocchio (CANCELLED)
Pierangelo Valtinoni
from Wed 11.03.2020 to Sun 15.03.2020
Malibran Theatre
Malibran Theatre


All performances are cancelled until Friday 3 April due to the spread of the coronavirus according to the official provisions of the Italian Prime Minister. The Opera House tours are suspended till Friday 3 April.

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This two-acter, created in 2001 and revised in 2006 and in 2019, is based on the international steady-seller Le avventure di Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi (1883), ostensibly a nursery tale but actually a trove of witty metaphors about the upbringing of a fully human being. Librettist Paolo Madron and composer Pierangelo Valtinoni retell the famous story in an entirely fresh fashion, with fifty-seven child actors, six adult roles, lots of choirs and a colourful orchestra. In his gentle music, both sad and beautiful, Valtinoni follows the great masters of musical tale-telling: there is much of Ravel but also a slight leaning towards Puccini and Bernstein. At the Berlin world premiere in 2006, the production was an immediate success with the audience.

pictures © Gianpaolo Parodi


Enrico Calesso


Director Gianmaria Aliverta
Sets Alessia Colosso
Costumes Sara Marcucci
Lighting Elisabetta Campanelli
Choreography Silvia Giordano



Michela Antenucci



Matteo Ferrara


The fairy Giovanna Donadini
The cat/Doctor owl Chiara Brunello
The fox/Dottor crow Christian Collia
Mangiafuoco/The innkeeper Rocco Cavalluzzi
Tuna/Snail/Pulcinella Rosa Bove
Lucignolo/Arlecchino Lara Lagni


La Fenice Orchestra


Children Choir Piccoli Cantori Veneziani
Chorus Master Diana D’Alessio

La Fenice production

The performance lasts about 1 hours 20 minutes

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