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Scipione nelle Spagne

composers Antonio Caldara | libretto Apostolo Zeno
Malibran Theatre

The Roman general Publius Cornelius Scipio was lauded by ancient historians for mercy and sexual restraint shown after the capture in 209 BC of Nova Carthago (today’s Cartagena, Spain). A beautiful virgin of noble birth, delivered to him as a prey of war, pleaded to be returned to her parents and fiancé. He agreed on the single condition that they would work together for peace between Rome and Carthage. Over the centuries, the tale would become a fixture in painting as well as in drama and in opera. In 1722, librettist Apostolo Zeno and composer Antonio Caldara, both from Venice, applied it to their patron, Emperor Charles vi of Habsburg, featured as the heir of Roman virtues both in warfare and in peace

first performance in modern times
The performance lasts about 1 hour and 25 minutes without interval


Baroque Orchestra Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello
Conductor Francesco Erle
Director Francesco Bellotto
Sets Alessia Colosso
costumes Carlos Tieppo
light designer Andrea Benetello

Publio Cornelio Scipione Yihao Duan *
Sofonisba Miao Tang *
Elvira Ying Quan *
Luceio Anqi Huang *
Cardenio Tianhong Xi *
Lucio Marzio Rundong Liu
Quinto Trebellio Ziyan Meng
Actor Marco Ferraro


* auditions winners Master Opera Studio

con sopratitoli in italiano

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